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I would not say her movie recommendations are helpful but they are entertaining.

I would say the same can be said about Keith's movie recommendations.

Not that I wouldn't necessarily agree with recommendations from either Keith or Chemda so much as I don't think I necessarily like movies for the same reasons.

For instance I would think Keith liked Terminator 2, I think it's shit and would gladly fight anyone who disagrees. Chemda would hate it I think as well but not for the same reasons I have. I liked "What dreams may come" very much and probably for the same reasons Chemda might like it, I would guess that Keith doesn't like the movie. There a lot of reasons to like or dislike a movie sometimes (perhaps) often I agree with Keith, not sure how much Chemda and I cross over... I have thus far refused to watch "Drop Dead Fred" I might watch it now but I'm hesitant.

So, if you wanted a short answer I don't know why you asked me!
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