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Originally Posted by littlp View Post
Re: the geese and ducks...

What the actual fuck is wrong with you Danny? I highly doubt you actually run through flocks of geese because those assholes are VICIOUS. This wanna be Dr. Doolittle... geese and duck poop are the worst. Geese are mean as hell. There was probably 30 geese in that yard. Total asshole move.

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Agree with littlep 100%! Danny doesn't know what a goose is, probably think their pigeons. I'd sooner run through a nest of 30 rats than 30 geese. A few years ago (maybe 10... IDK) a lady was walking her little dog through a park here and a goose attacked and killed her dog while it was on a leash. She was fined for harassing the wildlife and she had to take home her dead dog. I'd have killed that goose and probably gone to jail.
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