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Originally Posted by Scorpion View Post
Are you sure you're not in an abusive relationship? Maybe you should look into this a bit more.

I have a cat that when it is mad pees on the bed, but only on my wife's blanket. We got this cat as a rescue from a litter of strays and were living together already. The cat decided it liked me and for years wouldn't go near her. Now it will lay near her but my wife is starting to really get mad that it only pees on her side of the bed. The cat has emotional issues from being a stray... You know what I'm just going to stop. I've rambled on already and now I'm starting to defend the cat for when it's an asshole. Why? WhY? nope I'm done. Thanks for reading, I'll try to do better with brevity.

Oh I know it is an abusive relationship
That I tolerate lol. One of said assholes was rubbing against me just now wanting pets and lovings, bit me super hard in the middle, and clawed my leg when I stopped petting him. I guess Iím a little masochistic.

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