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I think science should really work on getting our bodies to regrow another set of adult teeth. A lot of us need do overs and I would be willing to go through that sucky period to have all new teeth.

Also, if you haven't seen it, look up what a skull looks like with both baby teeth and adult teeth in it. Until someone told me about it, I never considered where the adult teeth sit in the skull before they grow out and push out the baby teeth. It is WILD to see.

Newsy talking about the skateboarding and bones, it makes sense. In my experience though, it feels like when you hit a certain age it's the stupid, little stuff you don't see coming is what takes you out for a while. Those skateboarders will be fine doing all the dangers stuff. Then they'll be walking in a straight line on a flat ground and fuck up their foot by walking wrong for 1/2 a step. It'll of course take at least 4 months to heal.
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