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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
“They’re so used to participation trophies” bitch who gave us trophies though?? [emoji2955]

Honestly, hearing Kyle in the previous episode mention about kids with mental health issues and saying her kids (gen z) aren't resilient like her gen was... My gen x co-workers talk the same way when one of them finds out their kid has "a full blown eating disorder!!!" Like it's so fucking shocking to them. For the record I'll be 30 this year so I'm a millennial and I can name 10 girls and one guy I knew as a teen with either a cutting habit or anorexia or bulemia. The it difference between gen z and millennials and gen x and boomers is that WE ACTUALLY TALK about our mental health issues. You guys just acted like starving to lose weight was what you did. And everything else was hush hush... Chemda knows what I mean here.
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