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I think it is highly probable that Robert has either schizophrenia or delusional disorder and is one of the few who can go without traditional treatments. He does seem to try to be ethical by saying he isnít a medical doctor. Heís able to take jokes and not take himself too seriously. And he seems to be a functioning member of society who provides a type
of entertainment service. I donít blame him either for not wanting to tell doctors. As long as he isnít hurting himself or others-he should be able to continue as is. Iíve known some people with significant ADHD who use exercise as a form of treatment versus medicine.

Also in regards to fighting with siblings-I hated when my parents made me in charge but also put the caveat that I had to make them do chores or homework. My brother would spend most of the time antagonizing myself and my siblings and trying to make a bigger mess. We would fight with pool cues, pillows, game controller cords around the neckÖI once threw him into a couch and he didnít move for several seconds and I thought I killed him. Didnít stop me from body slamming him when he called me a bitch. I was 12 at the time. Good at fronting that I could keep things under control but I was a damn kid. We were lucky we never injured each other severely enough to go to the hospital.

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