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August Silent Trailers

Wow, this was my favorite Silent Trailers yet! The game itself was so good, I loved the contestants, Chemda was on fire, and Keith finally won again! I’m happy I was able to contribute to that win in a small way with my prophetic tarot reading.

I am still speechless (actually I have a lot to say…) about the love and birthday wishes I received all week from my OMAT and chat friends. The event on Saturday truly felt like a virtual party and it was so wonderful to see and celebrate with people in the backstage and the chat. That meant so much to me.

A friend who had never heard of the show attended and she loved it! I was nervous that without the KATG context the game might not be as enjoyable. But of course it’s the best game show ever made, and she said she’ll definitely attend next month! I was overjoyed to hear that.

And then to have the honor of Keith preemptively dedicating his win to me! Wow, what pressure! Honestly the rest of the show is a blur, and between keeping up with the (hilarious) chat, texting with my friend, and watching Mr. Whiskers lose his mind with laughter, I know I missed so much hilarity. Rewatching the show when it premiers on YouTube will be like watching a whole new event.

This past year has been a tough one for everyone, and the connections I’ve made in OMAT and chat have truly helped me stay grounded and sane. I’m so appreciative of this community. I’ve grown a lot as a person this past year, and that is largely due to the structure and perspective that OMAT has provided. I’ve shared struggles and personal triumphs in that space. I’ve built connections and learned from others’ journeys. I learned how to celebrate myself.

Oh my goodness there is so much more I could say. This was the best birthday I’ve ever had. Thank you everyone.


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