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omg omg I am dying

Originally Posted by AstoriaGirl View Post
I'm going to push back slightly and give father Malley credit for one thing: the 6th child. I'm pregnant and if I lost him inside me I'd lose my shit and would not be ok for a long long time. I personally would be devastated and if I were religious I would look forward to the idea of being reunited with him in the afterlife. A miscarriage is any pregnancy ending before 20 weeks and a still birth is after 20 weeks. Babies have lived that have been delivered at 22 weeks, and 24 is considered viability. So I'm gonna say a very slight fuck you to Keith and Chemda for (what appeared to me) belittling the tragedy and loss that is miscarriage and stillbirth, and send love to anyone who's experienced that.
AstoriaGirl, I can understand why it appeared to you that Keith and Chemda were belittling the loss, and I'm sure as a pregnant person, some of those words were shocking to hear. I think what they were belittling was Keith's dad's sanctimonious attitude in general and about this specifically, and that this is something his dad brings up for sympathy but never expressed true grief in any way that wasn't 100% self-serving. Keith and Chemda would speak very differently about it if, for example, they had a guest on the show who was sharing their experience.

**I'm going to quote from the show, so please stop reading if you don't want to read some of those words again.**

I found it be very darkly hilarious and really lost my shit at both "it fell in the toilet (toe-let)," and "it fell out like goo." And to me, it didn't seem like that was Keith being dismissive, but that this is sort of his level of processing something that happened while he was a child, using child-like language.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through the episode and I think I need a minute. I agree with Chemda when she said, "How do we sit here in silence while recording so we can regain our strength?" I'm just going to pretend you did sit in silence for a few hours (days?) to brace myself for the rest of the episode.

P.S. - a few minutes in Keith shared something his dad would say and Keith used the words "spurts out" and ew.
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