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Keith, I'm sorry for what you're going through with your family. It feels a lot like what I had went through. Different scenario, same result. My father died when I was 17, and my mother didn't handle it well and we ended up losing our home and getting evicted. I have very little items and keepsake from my childhood - everything was lost after she also failed to pay for the storage unit she stashed all our stuff in.

It's not just a matter of wanting some heirlooms. The things that mean the most to us we don't even realize until they are gone. Yeah sure "things don't matter, it's just the memories" but it is a special sort of emptiness when you realize you don't have any keepsakes because of how your family was mismanaged. Sure, I can remember different christmas ornaments that were special, but I'll never see them again. Hundreds of family photos, gone. I'd always likened this feeling to what a person who lost everything in a fire must feel like. You might be alive, and grateful, but there's the sense of loss and insecurity.

Your father did this on purpose and lied about it more to really rub salt in your wounds - you know there were not 55 trucks taking away your home's contents, but he embellished that detail to spark outrage and force his kids to confront him further.
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