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State of the hospitality industry in the US

Coming from working in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka, it blows me away every time I hear stories of Keith & Chemda's experiences with hotels / restaurants fuck even hospitals in the US!

You guys always give people the benefit of the doubt about yeah it's a shitty job / you don't own the company / it's some big chain. But still, how do these people get recruited? Why go into this field if you hate it so much. How can the Mariott not have some sort of quality control??

Sure here it's a cultural thing as well. Guests are "God" here. But whatever level of hotel I cannot imagine that kind of service happening here. And even without the cultural aspect, what about simple business processes and controls? How do you accept this kind of service?

I thought we were all the same in the end. But maybe we are not?

Sorry rant over
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