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Agreed about people trying to change the narrative. I hope I'm remembering right, but didn't McNally admit he was hurting Chemda on purpose? I think Chemda realized after a while that he was just hating on her all the time and she stopped putting energy into him. Then he changed his behavior because he was no longer being allowed to treat her poorly.

He's aware now too. McNally's using Newsy to gaslight Keith and Chemda for him by expressing how McNally has no idea why they might not be pleased with him and treating them having any displeasure with him as ridiculous because it was clearly nothing to him. McNally is not confused because he's not asking questions or trying to understand anything. He's presenting this version of reality to make people doubt themselves and expecting people to just let it go so they return to a relationship he wants without him having to be responsible for his behavior.

Being raised by someone who constantly pushed a different version of reality is probably why Keith is really good avoiding this social trap. For my experiences, I had to make a list to remind myself. When my family went through it, I was colder and had a passionate energy about them not being tricked because I then had years of practice making it easier to remember details and spot the contradictions.
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