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Originally Posted by Joyce View Post
What's the difference between Chappelle fans at a concert and trump fans at his rally? Loved this show and listened to it twice, on youtube and audio. Newsy and Rod so many things that you shared got me thinking that you were talking about trump. I really love to hear your perspectives, keep being authentic. Thanks

Then I thought, what did RuPaul have to say about this?
The idea of racism has a lot to do with lack of compassion and the ability to empathize. I am sure Dave thinks he has his reasons for saying what he said but hopefully enough people will try to educate him.
Newsy I think you hit on something when you mentioned about Dave's perspective is still only coming from a black/straight man. In his mind can he acknowledge anything else not like him?

Chemda, Rod, Keith and Newsy I just love listening to all your shows. Karen I love you perspective to, Thanks ya'all

Aw thanks Joyce! I think Dave's extent of thinking about other peoples experience is "Yeah yeah yeah, I hear what you're saying, let's get back to my thing though."

Dave doesn't want to put on a dress for a sketch because it offends his sensibilities, fine. Let's put this faggot in the silliest thing we can find for our sketch though!

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