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who were you at 17?

in honor of this momentous year, iím curious what yíallísí coming of ages were like. hereís my experience as a rural Appalachian.

i was 17 in 2002. the War on Terror was in hot debate; the lie of WMDs. i tried out and made the schoolís dance team bc i felt the marching band uniforms were ugly. as a newly deflowered virgin i was feeling sexy.

i was slow to pick up choreography, Movement isnít really my mode of thinking, but i had a real knack for behind the scenes production stuff. i remember very vividly a few of us launching a basketball season dance team. i went to Coach with what i felt was the right jam. Higher Ground performed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers wasnít a popular choice among my teammates; it was the Right choice and Coach trusted me. it fucking ruled. thatís the moment i fell in love with the Stage.

swung straight Aís in all my gifted classes. had a few solos in honor band #humblebrag #flautist #basicallyLizzo never bullied.

on the weekends i was smoking meth. my boyfriendís mom died of heart failure leaving him homeless. she was the first dead body i ever seen. i learned a lot that year about deep poverty, slipping through the cracks, and the luxury of indoor plumbing and access to hot water and food. if you feel safe when you sleep youíre lucky.

hereís a popular song i enjoyed at the time and my junior prom picture. he was only able to rent a tux and get us breadsticks at Pizza Hut, but iím pretty sure his Mom was alive to see it.

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