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Originally Posted by Miosio View Post
Speaking of long term side effects of covid, I just found out about Parosmia, which people can have for MONTHS if not forever after having covid.

Essentially makes most food taste like hot garbage, literally.

I'll take my shots, thanks.
I wonder if this lasting side effect can still occur in those of us who are vaccinated but who contract a mild(er) case of covid-19. I know loss of smell is less likely in the delta variant but as other variants come to be more prominent, this side effect may still be on the table, vaccinated or not.

My coworker had parosmia and one of the weirdest changes was that she felt intravenous Lorazepam solution smelled really funky and gross - we work with IV Lorazepam daily on our unit and the solution is totally odorless as far as anyone could tell, but something about how COVID-19 affected her sense of smell made it stink to her for months.

Edit: obviously there’s far better odds when vaccinated so it is very much worth vaccinating, though, but I’ve been seeing breakthrough cases in vaccinated people and this is one of the side effects I don’t want to get either. I have the rottenest luck and I worry I’ll be one of the vaccinated ones to get brealthrough COVID from a COVID patient on my unit and then end up with this side effect.

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