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Keith's Dad and weird apple cider tings


Keith's dad isn't entirely wrong about "the apple cider can still ferment" but I'm not so sure it's turning into wine that's gonna get you fucked up or whatever.... probably would just taste bad, not turn into alcohol.


Got a half gallon jug of apple cider at the farm stand recently, put it in the fridge as one does, and IDK forgot about it or wasn't in the mood for apple cider. It was unopened. So maybe 2-3 weeks old? One morning I'm in the kitchen getting my first cup of coffee to start the day, open the fridge and everything is vaguely wet.... and it looks like there's a puddle of piss on the bottom of the fridge by the drawers. So I'm like not even caffeinated yet, so I'm just like ok gonna wipe off the bottom of my coffee creamer, and deal with whatever the fuck this is in an hour or two. Realizing I'm going to have to empty out my whole fridge and deal with this fuckery.

It was the apple cider. It kept fermenting and then the jug burst at the seams. What a fucking mess.
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