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At least Matt understands his "investing" style is just gambling. All this short term pump dump and hope shit is ridiculous. Seems he didn't learn much from the Credit Union his mom worked at about compound interest and long term gains.

I use crypto as a currency but fully understand it is not an investment at all. All that Stonk bullshit posted earlier is charlatanism. Stop trying to fuck people over cuz that is all these pyramid schemes are. Morally you are on the same footing as a thief in the street, if they didn't want to me to take their money they should have known (not to listen to me vs walk down our street; it's interchangeable morally). Learn to do things morally and you will find a lot more long term success and be able to have authentic self reverence.

Since that knucklehead put up a "bookshelf" for references I'll give a moral, reasonable and intelligent alternative for anyone thinking that that in some way looks like a good idea...Ben Graham's red book is a great place to start.
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