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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
She was really a great fit for the show.

Im not an addict thatís something I can say for sure, because I get bored using a substance too often.
For example, I was a smoker of cigarettes at parties for example, it never transitioned into my normal life. I stopped it because I got bored by it. I noticed that i didnít enjoy it anymore.

But I can be an obsessive person in other aspects of my life.

I wish I had the genetic makeup or whatever combination of circumstances that makes the difference between becoming addicted to substances and not. Iíve always been jealous of people like you who can indulge in moderation and not become addicted. [emoji846] I got hooked on cigarettes about 30 years ago and have been fighting with them ever since. Iíve managed to ďquitĒ a couple times but after about a year or two I go back to it. Iíve quit drinking alcohol, but have to make that decision every time the urge comes on. I like what Beth said being freed from the addiction. Freedom is the goal.

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