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Originally Posted by Paige_H View Post
I wish I had the genetic makeup or whatever combination of circumstances that makes the difference between becoming addicted to substances and not. I’ve always been jealous of people like you who can indulge in moderation and not become addicted. [emoji846] I got hooked on cigarettes about 30 years ago and have been fighting with them ever since. I’ve managed to “quit” a couple times but after about a year or two I go back to it. I’ve quit drinking alcohol, but have to make that decision every time the urge comes on. I like what Beth said being freed from the addiction. Freedom is the goal.

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Once I heard a woman describe it on a podcast how it is for me and it was the only time.
I had some phases in my life when i was out more and drank more and a few weeks into it my body says that’s enough, I get it. It’s boring. I don’t enjoy this feeling anymore and want something else. Imagine if you ate the same dish every day, you will be over it some day.
The reward of using something goes away for me after a few times.
With smoking, I tried it when I was 15, the friend who tried with me got addicted.
I never did.
Once I was in Scotland for 2 weeks with friends and I bought some duty free cigarettes on the way there, smoked maybe 10 a day there.
When I came back home the habit didn’t come with me. A returned home as a non smoker. And it wasn’t because I tried to. I just was over it again.
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