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Originally Posted by Apia resurrected View Post
Well the Nazis called the jews the inferior race so it sounds like racism?

And haven't you seen the racist jokes about the appearance of Jews?
Jews viewed as a separate race was WELL ESTABLISHED for centuries leading up to the final solution. Acting like racism wasn't part of the holocaust is some next level ignorance Whoopie GOLDBERG. Who thought the show that employs ignorant numb nuts to say controversial shiite for attention would result in lots of controversial attention after saying some ignorant shiite.

The real question that I think gets totally glazed over however is why were the Jews picked out? And why were the other groups ~40% (estimated at 4M of 10M) of those killed in the Nazi government killings killed. The coupling of those reasons with a distinct "them" that is phenotypic in nature allows for a genocidal effort instead of just a class extermination effort.

Please note on the phenotypic note the disproportionate targeting of Oriental Jews in the east such as Poland (Operation Reinhard source - Ordinary Men) vs ashkenazi jews and the middle ground of the distribution the sephardic jews. The stronger the phenotypic difference the stronger the targeting...thus a clear and distinct connection of racism.

So much of Hitler's antisemitic views were heavily shared in the region at the time and were substantially informed by US scholars at the time specifically theories coming out of UC Berkeley.

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