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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
your hot takes are so shitty. cite your sources and quit acting like being kinky is a new millennial trait.
My most sincerest of apologies Bootie, I didn't realize I needed to do your research for you too. Kink in sex when not degenerative has been and continues to not be degenerative, the increased interest in degenerative and self harming sexual behavior is what is on the rise and by definition has been causing increased harm.

Not sure what source you would like...maybe the CDC...they have some interesting statistics on the topic, prevalence of porn addiction materials (organizations, government outreach, social and community movements, etc.), here's some ED in young men trend stuff, the TRT treatment is the end of the funnel for these kids that have totally fucked up their dopaminergic loops through their addiction;

ED is less common but increasing in young men. It was previously believed that only 5% to 10% of men younger than 40 experienced ED. But a more recent study showed that ED was prevalent in 26% of men younger than 40. (Boston University School of Medicine, 2002) (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2013)
National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys are a good place for the fecal incontinence increase trend inline with the increased trend of anal phallic reception. Direct correlation.
Sexually transmitted infection (STI) incidence is on the rise in the United States. The increase is especially pronounced in adolescents (1524 years of age). Despite making up only a quarter of the population, adolescents account for approximately half of new STIs in the United States every year. This review summarizes recent developments in the field of STIs, excluding human immunodeficiency virus, in adolescents.
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