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Got 1st Pfizer vaccine in early September 2021, got Covid out of nowhere a week later. Whole body was cramping and felt like a bad fever. Next day was slightly better. Third day, I felt fine.

However, day 1 to 7, I had zero sense of taste or smell and that was what worried me; I thought it might be permanent. I was drinking hot sauces, honey, smelling colognes, anything I could do to have a sense of anything.

Day 8, I got a burger and I could taste the pickle. I never felt happier to taste a pickle than at that moment. I was eating everything that had a sharp flavor to it. Within a few days, I got both senses back. It's amazing how much we take our sense of taste and smell for granted because you will really miss them if they disappear.

I had to wait 12 days before getting 2nd vaccine.

Since then, never experienced an issue.
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