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Made it thru until just yesterday, and started feeling crappy on Tuesday night, woke up ok Wednesday and my smug ass is thinking ha ha, I just must have had a sore throat from getting soaking wet at the end of my bike ride on Saturday. (It was raining and hailing)

By noon I was sneezing and coughing such that if I was a cartoon character my head would have been doing the Jim Carrie from the Mask awooogha thing.

My partner is in heath care and she helped do the PCR test and said we are going to have a baby, oops sorry wrong test, you have covid.

Last night was a myriad of hot and cold flashes, Advil cold night time helped a lot, this morning I felt ok-ish but really tired. I wanted to get out of bed but just couldn't summon the energy or be bothered, which is very strange for me.
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