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Originally Posted by nordcharonmir View Post
Absolutely disgusting stuff. Terrorist surrendered instead of killing himself like he planned, as a society the right thing to do is get a short rope and tall tree.

Really disgusting to see this tragedy IMMEDIATELY politicized and used to monger fear to get knee jerk reactions.

The selective coverage (this is fetishized and will be a mainstay in the media for a long time, 21 shot in milwakee but that's not nearly as divisive as "white male" Liberal Neo-Green Socialist/Fascist with racist agenda shoots blacks), type of coverage and the blatant cherry picking/lying by the media has been really transparent for people paying attention but most people will buy all this shit, scary times man.
He didn't plan to kill himself in much of the manifesto that I have read so far, I haven't seen a reference as yet to killing himself. So far from what I have read, he had planned to stand trial and plead guilty, with a desire to become famous so he could get his message out there.

To be fair on the politicization front, he published a 180 page manifesto and his Discord logs are out there as well, he was politicizing this himself. The becoming famous part used to be a no-no in the media.

Also, the left wing news sources wording is poor and not professional in a lot of cases, however, the right wing false flag suggestions are just as egregious.

He calls out the false flag narrative in his manifesto, hinting that it would be used.

Tons of "research" amassed to come to this conclusion.

He rails on and on about intelligence etc and does this. I hope you don't own any weapons nordcharonmir as I see a similar pattern of speech between your posts here and his manifesto. I was concerned that you hadn't posted until now as I thought you may have been shuffling off to know where.
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