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Signs to avoid someone

Signs to watch out for. If you can recall some warning signs, Keith or Chemda have shared, please add them

1. They "Played a game" collecting automobile licenses plates

2. They "Smoke" imaginary cigarettes, pretending to get high, and feel the burn when the cigarette is at its end

3. Ladies if on your Wedding Night, you are given a Bible as a gift from your new husband. Drop the Bible and Run Away and get the marriage annulled quickly.

4. They have a Church in their basement

5. Use the phrase "Uneven Oxen" about people.. maybe about Oxen also, as I do not have enough data yet.

6. If they describe every restaurant in their town, as the best in the world or where some former star ate once.

7. If they ever end a conversation by saying and then Reagan... Blah Blah Blah

8. Were an Illusionist, with multiple college degrees.

9. If someone asks how much a street light costs running?

10. Asks how much a street hot dog vendor makes in a day? Only ok, if person is looking to start being a street hot dog vendor or already a street food vendor checking on switching.

PS: I am very sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors, in this post. Also, Perhaps I cannot comprehend the brilliance of the person, who would do these things.
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