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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
"I Think Vegans Do Just as Much Harm to the Planet as People Who Eat Animals, There I Said It!" sounds like a perfect title for the next episode of Chemda & Myq's epic top notch side project they started a couple of years ago and recently DEFINITELY PROMISED they'd bring back.

By the way, I heard Paul Hooper actually once had headphones, but then one day while listening to a podcast he heard the host burp directly into the mic so he immediately threw them off a bridge.

EDIT: The headphones, not the podcaster.

ANOTHER EDIT: Hey, I just noticed I don't have my 2023 Marathon virtue signalling badge even though I definitely answered the email and clicked on all the things!

I like this debate idea. I have to do more research but it does seem like vegans and Carnivores are destroying things equally.

As for your badge. Letís take care of that.

If anyone doesnít have a badge please email info@KATG with your name and forums name. Include the email you used for 2022 kickstarter.

Thanks for your support over the years Bucho!

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