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This episode perfectly highlighted the issue with the Political Media Complex. You have what you believe to be a subject matter expert on the January 6th protests that has spent substantial time and effort attempting to understand what happened including watching multiple documentaries. This poor gentleman is still WAY off reality because the media he is being served and seeking out comes from the propaganda machine of the Political Media Complex. Perfect example being this guy after all this research thinks that 8Chan and Freedom/Parlour social media apps is where this protest/riot actions were discussed and goes down those rabbit holes. He gets to 8Chan and sees a bunch of stupid ass My Little Pony trolls, LARPers and ridiculous BS and concludes due to his buying wholesale the PMC's propaganda to this point that it must all be in code and that something big is being planned.

The obvious truth right in front of his face had he thought for himself for a few minutes instead of just buying in full send on what he's told to believe is the documentaries are wrong; 8Chan IS just trolls and LARPers like he initially thought before his mental tangling had to take over. The demonstrations were coordinated through "encrypted" chat app groups. This has been a well known and easily available undisputed fact since before the riots even in all the coverage leading up to the event having snippets of chat logs. The chat logs have been produced in court. The chat groups included governmental departments who gave those logs in "Threat Assessment Briefings" to the Capitol Police leadership weeks, days and hours before the events of J6 and were intentionally ignored. There were 85 calls for backup ignored on the day of the event...etc. Bet none of that was in these documentaries? These documentaries your watching have a very obvious agenda and are very clearly shaping and in many cases totally making up their arguments and when you tried to validate the most obvious claim and to check for yourselves you saw they were wrong but dismissed your lying eyes and made up a whole work around to make their lies true to you so you could continue to define your identity by being on the "cool team" and not questioning the PMC and DNC authority over you. Submission and Compliance define your identity and you're happy with that state of affairs for the social points.

There is truth in the world, you just may not like it.
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