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Implying that lack of gun control laws causes mass shootings, yikes that's misinformation. If that was true then every state that violates citizens 2nd amendment would have by definition lower gun homicide rates than any state that doesn't, right? Whoops not even close to the case (example 15-19 which is last year fbi data was made available ID, no gun laws and western state, had 1.9 per 100k rate and CA, almost as bad laws as NY, had 3.5 per 100k rate). This correlation of law strictness and firearm homicides isn't statistically significant because it is not better than random. Meaning...they have no effect.

Notice the lack of the trend you stated as absolute fact:

Want to guess what is the highest correlated measure with gun homicide? No not that one, that too is heavily correlated because they both share extremely high correlation with this but I won't even go there cuz I will get booted for hard facts to swallow's IQ.

Also, gun free zones should never have mass homicide events in them because they work, right? Are 97% of public mass shootings occuring at gun free zones?

I wonder if the demographic the girl (that transitioned to a he/him) was from that shot children in TN has any other proclivity that is heavily associated with motives of these acts? Like more than 50% of them do.

Her family was very outspoken for gun control and she carried with her a rifle with a wrist attachment that is currently a very hot button inducted court filling, the first time ever used in a homicide. Is this just a coincidence or is this another use of terrorism to grab guns? Time will tell.

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