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i’m catching up on episodes. i hope i’m referencing the right one.

SayMyNameBitch?!?! he was one of my favorite monsters from the early /chat days. if people think this recent drama is shocking or new? sweet summer child. there was a much rougher Wild West era of /chat. News, please send him my best regards.

also, spilling a little old school tea, i’m sure you obliquely referenced Brenkin. he and i had a romance after Sarge left me that i still deeply treasure. he was part of my healing. many of my best KATG NYC memories have him in it. we kissed in front of the MOMA while church bells peeled right before i left the city. it was wildly romantic.
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Maybe we should all smoosh our dicks together until the spirit bear tells us who's right.
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Laugh a little, chigger. The world is a fun place.
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