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Resurrecting the movie thread to spill on the latest Black Mirror season (two of the episodes were pushing 90 minutes so easy enough to call it a movie).

For me none of the episodes crack the top tier of Black Mirror episodes but overall I enjoyed watching them. I actually liked the episodes that ventured more into horror-with-social-commentary more than the usual tech dystopias. The line in the first episode about how viewers are more drawn to negativity rings true as a thesis for the whole season imo.

Also watched M3gan last night, which I forget if this was viewed on the show but oof. One of the worst 93% on rotten tomatoes movies I can remember. Even my favorite pretentious film critic Richard Brody loved this movie? I mean it was a fine movie to watch with friends while you talk over it the whole time but 93%????? I blame TikTok.
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