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I talked to her on the phone a few times in the last weeks and noticed that her speech was somehow weird. I wondered if she was drunk, but now I know it was from the stroke. I noticed that something was up but also that she kept the conversations very short and there was no opportunity to really ask her about it.

Now she said she didnít dare to tell me about it because
( it was also confusing to me):
I once said that I was always honest to my kids and she thought I wouldnít want to talk to them about the attempt and would instead end our friendship. And she asked me if I wasnít happy about it because it showed how important I was to her.

No I wasnít happy. These confusing thoughts are not about me, her brain made them up. I said, no, I find it strange that you think I would be that kind of person who ends a friendship when a friend has mental problems, especially after such a long time.
Itís not that I have to tell everything I know to my kids but you probably already figured this out. I just meant that when they ask me something I try to be as honest as possible, but she made it about herself again.
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