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I used to get night terrors 2 - 3 times a week before I had diagnosed sleep apnea and a cpap machine.

Basically what happens when you sleep your brain causes this chemical to activate in you that temporarily paralyzes you while you sleep to get rest.

When people sleep they snore, some less, others more. Those that snore more is cause there's this little flap inside your face behind your nose/in the airway that relaxes when that paralyzing chemical activates.

The person sleeping struggles to breathe and stops breathing and snores a lot.

The thing about sleep apnea is that everyone has it. Just some more than others.

In a normal night every one with typical sleep apnea will stop breathing less than 5 times per hour. This is normal, nothing to worry about. It's those that stop breathing upwards of 30times that have to worry.

For me, I stopped breathing around 150 times every hour. Everyone said I sounded like I was dying, and I would fall asleep talking to people, driving, sitting and watching TV.

All this to say, when you stop breathing you cut off oxygen to your brain. Your brain never truly falls asleep to hit the deepest part of your sleep cycle. You're paralyzed and you're asleep but your brain is awake and you're aware you can't move and there's a presence in the room keeping you down. It's that chemical. Your body is "asleep" your brain is awake, and you're stuck somewhere in between, it's in this moment where I would at some point start to lucid dream. It's really scary.

But thankfully once I got a sleep study done it never happened again cause I got my cpap machine that helps keep that little flap open.

If this even remotely sounds like you, I recommend seeing a sleep doctor. The night "terrors" will stop and no more lucid dreaming.
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