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My brother used to sleep walk. Growing up my mom had this fear he would mosey over to (and off) the balcony in his sleep, so it was locked permanently. Notably, there were also no knives to be found, except a small paring knife that was out of reach of teens. Those knife stands with multiple knives were never a thing at our house. Nothing crazy happened, but my mom is the type of to think of every conceivable thing that could possibly go wrong. He grew out of sleep-walking.

I occasionally have falling dreams where I sometimes wake up screaming or startled, but no sleep paralysis or lucid dreaming here. One of my recurring falling dreams has to do with The Hulk chasing me across building tops. Already WTF cuz why the Hulk? Me, jumping from building to building?! Suddenly, after so many jumps, I eventually donít make a jump, and fall into an abyss and wake up screaming or bolt upright. Always fun explaining that to some new person sleeping next to me. Sometimes it makes sense and I self-interpret it as my fear of failure when Iím juggling a lot,, other times it feels so random.
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