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Originally Posted by Bucho View Post
Woah, woah, woah bro - ok, yes, suuuuuure, I hoisted myself on my own petard as usual, but don't think I didn't hear the end of last week's Last Week where you go from "It just made me think everyone's gone through some shit in the last 3 years and a lot of it's not good, and so maybe be a little kinder to everybody ... a little more patient ..." to GLEEFULLY joining yet another Ryan V pile-on less than 90 seconds later! I EXPECT emotional kneejerkism from Keith (because most of the time it's so hilarious I literally pay for it), but I expect better from people who actually read books like you and Chemda! When you point at me there are three fingers pointed back at you mister! THERE'S BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS TOO!!!

Oh shit, I'm doing it again! Why is this so har-rerd?!?

Is it something to do with that thing about how emotion feels good in a place like this?
What you don't realize is that was me being kind to Ryan. I laughed it off and laughed with Keith and Chemda about it. There's no need to see me actually being mean to Ryan. My mean is way worse than that.

Also I don't know Ryan so I don't feel invested in changing his mind. I'd rather make some jokes about how dumb that sort of thinking is and move on. If he doesn't want to get vaccinated I don't feel obligated to convince him.
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