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Originally Posted by rodimusprime View Post
What you don't realize is that was me being kind to Ryan. I laughed it off and laughed with Keith and Chemda about it. There's no need to see me actually being mean to Ryan. My mean is way worse than that.

Also I don't know Ryan so I don't feel invested in changing his mind. I'd rather make some jokes about how dumb that sort of thinking is and move on. If he doesn't want to get vaccinated I don't feel obligated to convince him.
And thatís the best you can do, in my opinion.
Itís not like there hasnít been a big discussion about vaccines and lots of opportunities to learn about the way they work. Itís highly unlikely that he thinks:ďRod is smart. If he thinks Iím wrong, itís time to get some books about the immune system and change my mind!''
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