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I've seen her yesterday, she is out of the clinic.

Trigger warning.

I learned that the way she did it was, she stabbed herself with a knife and lied there for hours until her boyfriend found her, when he came back from work. She got a stoke as a result but is overall OK now, I didn't notice nothing anymore.

That's obviously hard news.

i asked her what she is being treated for, and its depression.
That's medium good. If she has, as I suspect bipolar disorder, the depression meds will effect the mania, when she is in that phase to be even more intense. ( knowing pharmacology because of my work comes handy here)

I told her about it. Also that if she wants it, I would talk to her doctors why I suspect the bi polar disorder, I've seen her circles for years. I know her for 23 years, there are many examples. If she makes something of it, I don't know.
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