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In regards to the conflict-I know just enough to be dangerous. Iíve unfortunately seen videos of parents being reunited with children, saw one where a father who was a surgeon came across his dead six year old. When will it be enough? I had not heard the fake rumor of babies being beheaded. In these conflicts and wars it is always the innocent and civilians who suffer the most. I really donít understand why the US is taking a side so publicly but we have a history of sticking our US noses in places if doesnít need to be. Again I donít know the full history but it seems similar to Vietnam-US had no business going over there.

Chemda I am happy you had fun on your trip and came back in one piece, no injuries and bless that bike guy for helping on his day off. Iíve noticed that there are some enthusiasts in certain outdoor things who are just generous people.

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