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I offered her that I would come to her therapy with her one time, if she wants to, to tell the therapist how I see her disorder.
I did it, because my therapist ( sounds fancy) said that bi polar disorder is hard to figure out for a new therapist because the people come when they are depressed and there is no sight of the mania.
The good thing is, the said yes and invited me to a session next week. She told the therapist that people who know her suspect something else than just depression.
I think if she has any chance of getting better, the right diagnosis is key, and up to now she was only treated for depression.
I thought about it.
The pattern is like this:
She finds something new, a new job, a new love, a new city, a new hobby…
And she really goes all in, ignoring all the red flags. She goes in with the attitude “ this new ( love, job, city or hobby) will be the solution to all my problems. It will be a new me, and everything will be good”
At that time she isn’t open to any feedback. She knows everything and whoever has doubts is just a hater! Her energy level is high and she is overall too optimistic about the new thing.
After 3-9 months of course it didn’t solve all the problems, surprise!
Her mood gets worse. She wants a break. This applies of course most to the job and love. She falls into a depression, her sleep pattern gets chaotic and she ends up loosing the job or quitting, or breaking up with the guy. Interesting is, they never leave her. It must be interesting with her.
Now the break out was the suicide attempt.
After that comes a time of recovery. And soon a new cycle starts.
I think if she doesn’t address it, she will die next time.
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