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Show Name

I vote keep Kieth and the Girl but add a question mark.

So it would be:

Keith and the Girl?

That way everything stays same for business purposes and the show remains the longest running podcast but the “?” At the end signifies the new era of KATG.

maybe there could be a year of Keith and a few different cohosts since it’s going to be daunting to find a replacement and will likely be an adjustment year (or longer) while finding the right fit. I’m thinking of when Kathy Lee left the morning show with Regis they had a long run of different cohosts before Kelly was picked and that made the adjustment a bit easier from my perspective as audience person.

I also like the use of a “?” As a quiet shout out to Chemda’s tattoo, and a nod to her continued legacy as a forever member of the KATG family and our OG “Girl”
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