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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
It is a difficult situation and you did incredibly well with her.
In my experience (my mom committed suicide), in the end the final effort to not fall in a self destructive cycle lies on the person.
Whatever we (friends or loved ones) do, might help a lot or not at all, but in a slightly selfish way, it helps us to feel like at least we tried. The work is on the professional now and on your friend. You did great.
Thank you. It's a fine line to get involved but not too much. If we didn't know each other so long this level of involvement would already be a lot.
Absolutely the motivation of at least trying something that drives me.
But there is something more.
The question, what do we own each other when we are in long relationships of any kind.
It's not nothing but also it's not my life, so not everything. So finding the right kind of middle is the hard task.
I'm overall happy with what I did but only after I talked to my therapist. I always had the feeling that I could do more. Now I'm ok with my behavior and understand that's it.
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