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I read rich dad poor dad and I was put off when I read the part about the business owner screwing his employee and it being framed as a "positive" and clever thing to be against the people you employ.

I listened to Dave Ramsey for years and he originally inspired me to get debt free asap. Then I started listening to people that were critical of his method and then revealing of him as a person. I thought he was an open-minded religious person based on his show, but I learned he has fired at least 3 employees who become pregnant or got someone pregnant out of wedlock. His argument is that since pre-marital sex is against his religious values and because he's fired a guy for having a baby outside of marriage, it's not discrimination. Then Hogan, one of his top public facing employees, was outed for cheating on his wife. His wife said Dave Ramsey knew for at least 2 years and tried to intimidate people and cover it up. He also lost a lawsuit for pressuring an employee to resign after she came out as a lesbian. He was against masks and working remotely too. As an individual, I have no desire to support him and I don't listen to him anymore.

For his financial advice, I would just listen to people who don't agree to just have a good understanding potential flaws and if it might not work for you. I think the investing and insurance advice is good. Especially with how expensive hospitals and lawsuits are.

The attitude and intensity of getting debt free was a negative for me. It's very much a "work your ass off and have no life until you get out of debt" mentality, and if you do that for over a year, it can shape what your brain values, can cause depression, and hurt your health. If I wasn't spending my time making money and instead relaxed or enjoyed something, I felt like I was wasting time. It took a year after getting debt free to stop feeling pain when I spent money.

KATG was literally one of the few things I could really enjoy during that time because I could listen while I worked and it helped make work easier. I did NOT feel guilty for getting VIP once I was debt free because the KATG provided so much value for me..... and it was already bonkers to get such a good show provided for free for so many years.
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