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I love the HOTD recaps so much I subscribed for a year to listen to past recaps. They also have other shows where they recap movies. Iím super excited.

Glad Keith was able to fly with minimal issues(canceled flight aside). I took the day after the election off because I already know Iíll be an anxious mess the night before, even though results likely wonít be official for a week. I real hope most of the country has their head out of their asses and votes correctly. I hate the choices we have but we really only have one at the end of the day if we donít want to end up under a dictatorship. Iím also super annoyed with the democrats for not being more cut throat. I wish they would use the moderator they had in Colorado I believe who was no joke. He forced the candidates to answer the question and cut them off if they tried to do the political answer. He also fact checks hard.

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