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Lexi's Accident...

Lexi was in a car accident a few hours ago. She is okay, but they wanted to keep her there overnight just to make sure, and because she was in a lot of pain. Nothing broken, just bruises, a black eye, and a pretty bad headache. Not too bad for a car accident.

She was with someone who used to be friends with her sister, and they were cut off, so her friend swerved a bit, and they wound up rolling over. She called the police, but they thought it was a prank call, so she called me.

I took my older brother's car, even though I only have a learner's permit, and she started telling me the details about where she was.

Then, somewhat ironically, I get stopped by the police because I ran a stop sign. I explained the situation to him, and he followed me, while watching my every move, even though I'm an okay driver, to where Lexi was directing me. She was wearing a seatbelt, as was the driver, who was unconscious, and they were both taken to the hospital. I went as well, but visiting hours end at nine and I had to go. She'll be back tommorow, just with some bruises and such. Hard to believe that less than 24 hours ago we were...