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So I went to see her at about midnight, after visiting hours. I said I was her brother so they'd let me's a conversation...Not exact, but you get the gist.

Me: I'm here to see Lexi.
Nurse: It's late. Are you a blood relative?
Me: Yeah. I'm her brother.
Nurse: Let me just make sure she's awake.
-about a minute later-
Nurse: She's asleep; is it an emergency? Do you want me to wake her?
Me: No, no, I'll come by tommorow.
Nurse: You're not really her brother are you?
Me: How did you know?
Nurse: I saw you here earlier.
Me: But you would have let me see her anyway?
Nurse: She you're girlfriend?
Me: Yeah.
Nurse: It wouldn't have killed anyone.
Me: Thanks (what was I going to say)
Nurse: See ya.

Not much to that, but I thought I'd post it.