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KATG dreams

What dreams have you had involving KATG?

A friend of mine has only listened to the first few shows and she had the following dream:

I had a dream that you were having a birthday party for
Rowan and invited me. There were alot of people there and it
was in someone's backyard. The driveway was all set up with
folding chairs for the kids to watch the 'performers'.

I pulled up and parked my car on the street at the same
time this couple gets out of their car. The guy is yelling
"Chemda, shut the FUCK UP you stupid bitch, I'm in charge" and
the girl says "whatever fuckin PRICK!" and I
was like "whoah...nice loving language" to myself..then i was
like OH SHIT! That is K.A.T.G!!! Sue must have hired them!
Then I was thinking, I wonder what costumes they will
wear..Rowan is kinda old for some of those character outfits....

So they come to the yard without any costumes and he has a
big trunk that he opens. I asked you what was up and you
said 'I feel it's demeaning for them to wear costumes so I
told them to do what they wanted and just give us a good
show'.... cool. So we watch the show and t hey are subtly
passive-aggressively quietly arguing and only WE pick up on
it... she's super-sarcastic under her breath and he pushes past
her HARD at times while passing by's like a silent
fight. He starts doing some magic show that is more like
performance art and asks me to go get him a piece of wood.
SO I find a block and bring it and he's like 'you must be an
artist, you found the perfect piece, my girlfriend could
never do that right' and he was putting her down.... I forgot
some of it, but essentially at the end of the show he asked
me if "the hot mom" (YOU!) were single and you guys ended
up dating!!!!!!!

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