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air drone used on americans

ND Sheriff Used Predator Drone To Arrest ‘Sovereign Citizens’ | TPMMuckraker
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The warships of the US Navy

Hughes Glomar Explorer USNS
Hughes Glomar Explorer USNS.

Project Azorian been implemented to salvage the Soviet submarine K-129. Photo: USNI News
On behalf of the Hughes Glomar Explorer USNS ships marine geological research, but the fact it was built to improve the Soviet submarine K-129 sank in the Pacific in 1968, according to the USNI News.
The US Navy has successfully identified the location of the K-129 campaign by the CIA in 1974, also known as Project Azorian. Washington hopes to recover K-129 to study the technical specifications as well as nuclear missile submarines.
While pretending to search for a mineral mines, ships Hughes Glomar Explorer was used cranes giant submarine brought to the surface. However, this plan only partially successful. By David Sharp CIA officials present at the time, the greater part of the submarine broke out while pulling up the water and fall straight to the bottom. Fraction was taken aboard the Glomar Explorer on 08/08/1974 day, and force search discovered the bodies of three sailors.
Glomar Explorer was left in Suisun Bay, California on January 6/1993.
Tau "prison" of the Naval Academy
USS Reina Mercedes, home of the student naval discipline violations.

USS Reina Mercedes, home of the student naval discipline violations. Photo: USNI News
Unlike students at other universities, unruly students at the Naval Academy never probation. Instead, they are forced to live on a ship "prison", named USS Reina Mercedes.
Originally USS Reina Mercedes was taken to Boston to get recruits. In 1912, it's up to Annapolis and served as barracks for the naval school discipline violations.
This process ended in 1940 and the ship was mainly used as barracks for the staff of the US Naval Academy. It was sold in 1957.

Submarine NR-1. Photo: USNI News
"Nerwin" (NR-1) is probably the submarine nuclear energy the world's smallest. It is run by two officers, five sailors were trained in nuclear and two researchers. This submarine weighs 400 tonnes at depths less than 600 m of water and can perform both tasks: research and military.
After the failure of the space shuttle Challenger in 1986, NR-1 is used for searching, sorting and recovery of vital organs, according to an archived version of the brochure of the US Navy.
The ship was decommissioned in 2008.
Stealth ship by Lockheed Martin
Sea Shadow stealth ship (IX-529).
Sea Shadow stealth ship (IX-529). Photo: USNI News
Sea Shadow (IX-529) by Lockheed Martin built in the 1980s to test stealth technology data on the F-117 Nighthawk may apply to the submarine or not.
Press release by the US Navy in 2003 stated: "In the early 1980s, IX-529 was built secretly with parts from different manufacturers and assembled inside the vessel Mining Barge Hughes (HMB), Redwood City, California ".
The sharp edges of the Sea Shadow help it more difficult to detect radar. The ship anchored in San Diego, California for many years and then sold in 2012.
Smallest aircraft carrier USS world Baylander
USS Baylander.
USS Baylander. Photo: USNI News
Weighing 160 tons, Baylander (IX-514) is said to be the smallest carrier. With size deck aircraft with a class frigate Oliver Hazard Perry, Baylander serve as carriers for training naval helicopters, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard US.
Since the start of operation, it has completed 120,000 for helicopter landings occurred without errors, the record was 346 turn landing a day, Monday 10/06/1988.
The ship served in the war in Vietnam and then moved to Florida to perform training missions. After the decommissioning of the naval forces, it is still the owner of the civil use.
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