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'Baby' robot learns like a human

from our friends at new Scientist....
  • 13:45 05 May 2006
  • news service
  • Tom Simonite
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Babybot learns by playing with objects (Image: LIRA-Lab, University of Genoa, Italy)

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A robot that learns to interact with the world in a similar way to a human baby could provide researchers with fresh insights into biological intelligence.
Created by roboticists from Italy, France and Switzerland, "Babybot" automatically experiments with objects nearby and learns how best to make use of them. This gives the robot an ability to develop motor skills in the same way as a human infant.
The robot consists of a one-armed torso with a pair of cameras for eyes and a grasping hand. It has an in-built desire to physically experiment with objects on the table in front of it and an ability to assess different forms of interaction and learn from mistakes. If the robot fails to grasp an object securely, for example, it remembers and tries a differently strategy next time. One unbidden skill developed by Babybot was the ability to roll a bottle across its table.
One video (avi format) shows the robot experimenting with a rubber duck, while another clip shows Babybot examining a ball.
Testicular Cancer takes balls....
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someone should put a loaded gun on the table in front of it, see what it does.....
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I wonder if babybot can become emotionally traumatized if its raised by negligent parentbots.
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Old 05-08-2006, 02:29 AM   #4 (permalink)
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wtf is the point, just make a robot that knows shit olready not some dumbass robot that is equal to a baby.. no threat to HUAR imo
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Originally Posted by tux
wtf is the point, just make a robot that knows shit olready not some dumbass robot that is equal to a baby.. no threat to HUAR imo
Actually, yeah, it is the start of a big threat to HUAR. The difference here is that you don't have to input all the knowledge to the robot, but rather it will learn that knowledge itself.
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Robot helicoptor that "can see and think for itself'
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