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fence 06-17-2006 08:54 PM

Beginning of the End
Thats it we're screwed. They've made a brain out of dog nuerons and taught it how to play Quake 3. This is some proper Terminator shit, just wait 'till they put it in a robot with a gun and thats it, game over.

Its the videos at the end of the page that are scary, from barely being able to move to strafing and fragging a bad guy.

Anyway I guess I'll be getting fucked now since its my first post. :)

ScubaSteve24 06-17-2006 09:42 PM


DanClass 06-17-2006 10:25 PM


i would totaly be pissed if a petrie dish full of dog neurons fragged me

ooda 06-18-2006 02:18 AM

Only a year and a half late, but still, well worth a post.

I'm so fucking disturbed by that, that what is basically just a petrie dish filled with a pile of goo is able to do so much. It's no joke that pairing a simplistic brain like this with a robot would make something that is able to function on its own, at least to a degree that is adequate enough for the battlefield or whatnot.


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