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bluealien47 01-05-2006 02:24 AM

dance robot, dance.
i dont know if you guys have seen this -- it is a wonderful look at the dancing robots that may eventualy destroy us all (JK) i want one or four.

Nick Postagulous 01-05-2006 12:46 PM

Wow, that gives me hope that when I'm older, I can have my very own robot maid/pole dancer/fellatist who will eventually kill me because I aske her to powder my balls one time too many.

pfapfapfap 01-06-2006 12:09 AM

I couldn't get that video to play, but is it the same as this:

Soon they'll be taking all our women from the dance clubs!

bluealien47 01-06-2006 01:29 AM

try that, it wont limit your video player and ya those are the same guys but there at a press confrence with -- in my opinion -- better music

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