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Help stave off world domination, and (maybe) cure cancer

Who knows what darstardly plans your PC is concocting every time you leave your it alone, sitting there with nothing to do... one day you may well turn around to find said PC holding your loved ones at sonic death ray point..

Or not.. either way, whats the point of having a powerful PC if most of the time it isn't using its full potential? A program called Folding@Home takes any processing power not being used by your PC and puts it to use for scientific research - studying how proteins in the human body 'fold' and what happens when this process goes wrong, causing cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Huntington's, and all sorts of other diseases. The information gained from thousands of PCs in this project may well provide the extra knowledge needed to create a cure for any of these illnesses.

So, why not distract your PC from its plans of world domination by keeping it busy with Folding@Home? HUAR!!!

Even better, you can do all this in the name of Keith and the Girl! Folding@Home has a points system which helps keep track of who is donating the most work to the project, and there are millions of users who 'fold' for thousands of teams competing to have the best score.

the KATG folding team (team id 76668), started 2 days ago, has 3 members so far and has already risen from the bottom of the team rankings 50,000 places to 19007th

Anyone wanting to join can learn more here
Download the F@H console version for windows here (save it to a new folder and run it straight from there, enter team ID 76668 when you set it up the first time)
(Or get versions for Mac, Linux etc here)
View team and user stats here

When you set up whichever version you install, make sure for the team id you enter 76668 or you wont be folding for KATG

If you are using the console client, when you first run it you can tell it to run as a service, which will mean it can run in the background all the time and you will never see anything of it again (unless you want to)

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Quick update:

4 active folders now, and the team has already risen from 19007th to 6095th. A few more members and KATG will soon be rising near the top.

(Teams in the top 2000 have detailed stats seen here, need 4 times our current score to make it that high: STATS)
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