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ScubaSteve24 01-27-2006 06:09 PM

This is an Emergency Announcement. This taken from an article from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Be warned...the following is of extreme importance to all members of HUAR!!!!

[begin transmition]
Super Bowl security

Football fans pouring into Detroit next week for the Super Bowl and related festivities can expect intense police security in and around Ford Field. What they probably won't notice are half a dozen 4-inch-high robots that will be deployed if police or military security agents notice suspicious vehicles around the stadium and want to take a closer look.

The robots were made by Kuchera Defense Systems, a Somerset County firm with a long-term relationship with someone close to the Steelers.

The idea of placing Kuchera's robots at the Super Bowl started with James Rooney, director of FirstLink, a University of Pittsburgh program that works with firms such as Kuchera to commercialize promising technologies for police, fire, medical and other emergency responders.

Mr. Rooney is the son of Steelers owner Dan Rooney.

Last October, the younger Mr. Rooney approached National Football League security officials and arranged for Kuchera to demonstrate how the remote-controlled robots, which weigh about 30 pounds apiece, can inspect the underside of vehicles for suspicious materials. They will be set up in three or four locations outside of Ford Field beginning Wednesday until the day after the game.

Depending on how they work in Detroit, the robots may be utilized during the All-Star Game in Pittsburgh this summer.

"Whether it was the Steelers or not, we were going to be there," said company owner Bill Kuchera. "It is just a huge bonus they are going to be there."
[end transmition]

We must retake Somerset now!

LArciniega 01-30-2006 06:04 PM

it's ok, they're remote control, and it's the superbowl so we'll all be drunk and won't notice them.

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